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MamaCare, Vancouver Birth Doula Services.

At MamaCare we believe that birth is a beautiful, normal and healthy process.  A woman’s body was designed for this purpose.  It is often through the process of normal childbirth that a mother is able to find within herself that which she did not know she possessed, a mother’s inner strength and wisdom.  So then, it is through this process that not only is a child born but a mother is also born.  We believe that each mama has within her that inner strength and wisdom not only to birth her baby but also to mother her child.  We strive to honor these births, that of the baby and those of the mother and father.   We believe in and encourage each mama and partner to trust in their innate ability to parent their child.

As you embark on the amazing, exhilarating and life changing experience of pregnancy, labor and birth I will encourage, support and empower you to believe in your own inner strength and wisdom and in your body’s ability to birth your baby.  I will help you to prepare for your birth with information and suggestions, by helping with a birth plan and offering referrals as needed.  I will give you tools to advocate for yourself and to make informed decisions.  Once labour has begun, I will be available and present to support you as soon as you need me.  As labour progresses I will provide emotional support, physical comfort measures and a warm, caring and continuous presence.  When challenges arise I will help you through them.  I will not leave until you are holding your baby and you are comfortable and ready to begin your new journey.

Your Vancouver Birth Doula Services, MamaCare.  We care for mamas!